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About Me.

I'm Oscar Pupo IV, a professional with a diverse background that extends from military service to civilian leadership.

My career commenced in the United States Air Force, dedicating 12 years as an Aerospace Propulsion Craftsman. My responsibilities were multi-faceted, ranging from maintaining intricate aircraft systems to upholding the highest standards of mechanical excellence. Serving in Afghanistan during Operation Freedom Sentinel was an honor, highlighting my commitment to precision and national service.

Transitioning to civilian life, I utilized my finely-tuned skills to become a Certified General Contractor in the state of Florida. My military training continues to resonate in my work, allowing me to approach projects with meticulous attention to detail, quality, and customer satisfaction.

As the son of a Cuban immigrant, my rich cultural heritage has provided me with resilience, integrity, and a robust work ethic. These values are further reflected in my personal life, where I find joy and support from my three children, Aiden, Connor, and Callan.

I invite you to explore how my unique blend of experience and dedication can fulfill your needs. With unwavering commitment to quality and an innovative approach, I'm here to help you bring your vision to reality.





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